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We all know that online technologies and applications can play an effective role in disseminating sales and marketing messages. Did you know that the same technologies by far offer the most effective alternative to traditional modes of learning?

Computer-based Training (CBT) and Web-based Training (WBT) use the same multimedia technologies utilized for sales and marketing applications. However, the purpose is not to sell but to educate, teach and imbibe.

CBTs and WBTs offer power resources for e-learning-based online applications such as sales force training, new employee induction training, corporate processes training and other forms of training pursued by both small and large companies.

At Sharon Technology our e-learning consultants can storyboard your concept from start to finish by incorporating all the elements of your learning curve. No e-learning project is too small or large for Sharon Technology. Your password-protected WBT content can be securely integrated into your web site so that your employees can either be trained or study in a self-paced environment anywhere in the world.