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Product Demos




The marketing approach of Event Marketing and Demonstrations is the only “one-on-one” presentation of a product to the consumer. These events are conducted primarily at grocery stores, super centers, club stores, convenience stores, department stores, and could even be seen at sporting events or even on a street corner.

As a Professional Demonstrator, sometimes called Event Personnel, you are the front line, the link between the product and the consumer. Seventy percent of consumers make purchasing decisions while in the store, and you are the key person introducing products and helping these products become household names. You represent the product, the store, the marketing company, if applicable, and your local demonstration company. You are ultimately the one who delivers the promise of a “Successful Event!”.

Event Marketing is not a hobby but a professional career choice. Your abilities should include presenting all products in a way that the consumer will gain knowledge of the featured product, remember your product the next time they shop, tell others about your product, and ultimately buy your product. As in other professions, those who can improve their abilities and develop more proficient skills to perform the necessary work will be rewarded advancement opportunities and increased compensation.

Therefore, the Sharon Technology Leadership has developed an On-Line Event Personnel Proficiency Testing system, allowing Sharon Technology members to identify those event personnel who are striving to “stand out” in a crowd in the Event Marketing field.