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Interactive Presentations



A product catalogue which speaks to you, literally – Interactive CD ROMS Letting your finger do the talking -Touch screen Kiosks Travel to a new destination without leaving the comfort your home – Virtual 3D with a 360 degree view.Interactive media can be incorporated into several functions and aims at . It has three main modes of delivery – CD ROMS, Online and Touch Screen Kiosks. CDs come with the power of persuasion. In addition to serving as a direct multi-sensory communication channel between company and customer base, they have many advantages

• They are easy and inexpensive to make
• Distribution is an extremely facile process. Exhibitions, trade shows and direct mail serve as potential distribution options.
• They are highly effective because they can embed databases, self-running capabilities, ease of use, accessibility and storage
• Interactivity aids in increasing customer delight and helps increase attention span.
• They can be password protected which help you maintain security and prevent an unregulated dissemination of sensitive information.

Sharon Technology helps you deliver dynamic information by incorporating animation, audio, video, text and graphics into your CD presentations. Use this dynamically interactive mode of persuasion to make Presentations, Product & Service catalogs, Corporate profiles, Directories and many more. Add flash animations, full screen videos and Voiceovers to arrest attention. Improve database functionality through self sustaining CD ROMS.
Imagine giving a test without rushing to the examination centre.

The technology is here…and is here to stay. Harness the power of Computer Based Tutorial [CBT] to train employees or create online product demos for your customers, complete with virtual tours and 360 degree views. Go online and create interactive Yellow pages and directories.
Use interactive media to develop Touch screen Kiosks placed at strategic locations to provide information to your customers when most required. Sharon Technologyance customer experience.