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Inventory Management System


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The significant advantage of all types of sharon systems is the non-contact, non-line-of-sight nature of the technology. Tags can be read through a variety of substances such as snow, fog, ice, paint, grease, oil, etc. and other visually and environmentally challenging conditions, where barcodes or other optically read technologies would be useless. sharon tags can also be read at remarkable speeds, in most cases responding in less than 100 milliseconds. The read/write capability of an active sharon system is also a significant advantage in automated solutions. The real power of sharon based solutions comes not only from the ability of the system to accurately locate equipment, personnel, and materials, but to use this information in a way that is useful to your enterprise. It is this often-overlooked factor that distinguishes the REAL-TIME solution from all other sharon solutions available in the market.


Greater speed and efficiency and better record - keeping

Manpower can be reduced and errors eliminated

Quickly trace back the errors to where they might have occurred. This contains the damage, in the event of a product recall, reducing risk to the consumer